Frozen Green Chili Bricks at wholesale prices


No minimum order and as always, you pay shipping.  

Also note that you will be accessed a separate charge for shipping... it will be added to the credit card used for purchasing. It will likely say from Develop E-Biz which is our parent company. 

Ordering Categories:  Traditional Green Chile Stew  chile rellenos dried, frozen, tamales, canned and jarred, jalapeno, specialty items  fresh tortillas.

Each case is 25 lbs - Five 5 lb bricks
Number of cases Cost
1 case $65.00 each

In order to purchase at wholesale prices you must pay the shipping charge!


We ship via UPS

Fed Ex, and USPS

Sorry, but because of a few, we are no longer taking orders from new individual customers.  Also please note, unless you are a current customer in good standing, we will no longer fill orders from individuals at all.  We hated to do this, but too many were taking advantage of our generosity in allowing individuals to purchase at wholesale and then refusing to pay their shopping costs.    If you need more information please call:  505-217-2105.  Each time you order from this wholesale site, you will be agreeing to pay the shipping charge with a separate charge. Please note that it will be a separate charge for shipping... and it will be added to the credit card used for purchasing. It will say that it is  from Develop E-Biz, or NM Chili Dot Com our parent company.  Orders may not be processed for up to 5 days depending on volume at the time.